Jess Lockett | Senior Compliance Consultant

Jess has been with us at Enferm for over 9 months now and she is an extremely integral part of the team. Not only has she been key as a Senior Compliance Consultant but has also been important at helping to integrate all the new arrivals. 

Since her time here she has grown in knowledge and experience in dealing with multiple facets of the business. And we truly believe that there is still far more to come from Jess in terms of growth.



Key Questions we asked Jess

What has been the highlight of your career so far at Enferm Medical?

Since starting at Enferm Medical, I have gained more knowledge and experience in dealing with different aspects of the business, as well as keeping up to date with new guidelines and legislation within the healthcare sector. Additionally, I enjoy being part of a fast-moving and fast-growing business. 

What are your ambitions personally?

My ambitions are is to build an effective and strong standing platform within compliance, helping to support all aspects of the business.

My aim within my career is to grow with Enferm Medical, my development, and my knowledge, so I am able to achieve my goals.

About Jess – Shopaholic Gym goer.

Over the past 9 months, we have got to know Jess rather well. She is a great person to have around the office and an integral part of the team. However, she is far more than just a Senior Compliance Consultant.

Outside of work, Jess loves spending time with her friends and is very close to her family. Additionally, she loves feeding her love for shopping so is always out and about with friends or going to the Gym.

P.s Jess definitely has a sweet tooth, loving everything from chocolates to chewy sweets, so if anyone is looking for gift ideas, that is a massive hint.

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