Heena Vaishnav
Recruitment Consultant (Nursing)

Heena has only been with us for a very short period of time, joining us last month. Since then she has integrated extremely well into the team and is already a key member of the team. 

As a Recruitment Consultant, her day to day revolves around working closely with Nurses and finding the new up and coming talent. 


Key Questions we asked Heena

What has been the highlight of your career so far at Enferm Medical?

Very excited to work with Enferm Medical and the team, as well as creating memorable highlights.

What are your ambitions personally?

My personal ambitions are to gain a more senior title at Enferm Medical and to continue my current responsibilities and duties.

About Heena – Keen traveller & cook

When she is not working closely with our nurses and finding new candidates, Heena loves spending time with family and friends. As well as this, she loves traveling to areas such as Goa and Paris, finding the best recipes from around the world to cook at home.

However, her favourite food is Indian food and she is still to find something better.

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