Joshua Sprigg – Founder & CEO

Joshua has been involved in Healthcare Recruitment for over 8 years now. He is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully lead a number of companies from vision to commercial success.

As well as that he has lead teams from concept to National delivery with the NHS.


Key Questions we asked Joshua

What has been the highlight of your career so far at Enferm Medical?

I would have to say my highlight is honestly today. Every day is a new and exciting day for me, I live life very much in the now and have a clear goal and vision for this business, the beauty of Enferm Medical is that the vision and the growth are fully influenced by its employees when I look around and I see the business we have built from scratch to now I smile, the team members are each an essential and vital part to its success and seeing the moral and feeling it too when I walk in in the mornings is next to none.

In short, the highlight of my career at Enferm Medical is the present moment, I have learned an entire Business, Accounting, Compliance, Payroll, HR, Legal degree in this time! Enferm Medical has taught me resilience.

What are your ambitions personally?

My personal ambitions are to give, by that I mean to have the opportunity to help and develop everyone around me to be the best version of themselves by offering them the tools and encouragement/management to grow their career as far as they possibly can. On a non-business personal note, I have every ambition to live life to the full by being able to travel freely across the globe and sail the open seas, stand on top of the tallest mountains, swim the Amazonian rivers, trek across desserts and more!

What is next for Enferm Medical?

We are entering the next phase this year, we will be developing the business in the next two quarters to compete with the long-standing market dominators, for the last five years we have gone from a small local business to a national delivering business to now a potential market controller/influencer.

About Joshua – The Sober Family Biker

Joshua is not just a boss or medical recruiter. He also spends his time off effectively and at an incredibly fast pace. He does so much that we thought it would be easier and more effective to just list them:

1. Most importantly he is a father to his young boy Harrison.

2. He is a family man, spending a lot of time not only with Harrison but he is also super close with his two sisters.

3. He, along with Ross try, review, and rate alcohol-free drinks in the evening and weekends, they even have a website, a successful Instagram account, and a Youtube channel.

4. Josh loves riding his motorbike so much that he even starred in a film called The Blue Highway – click here to watch him in action in the film’s trailer 

5. Josh runs a few other companies, one of them being a video recording app called Buddy Reel.

Needless to say, Joshua loves keeping busy and credits his success to always being on the move.

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