Enferm Medical – The Second Phase

About Us

Since our inception in 2015 we have been ambitious and fast growing, therefore, we decided to ramp things up even more in phase two. With 2020 comes a new decade and a new chapter for Enferm Medical. We are upgrading our look, the way we operate with a brand new recruitment app and also our family is growing. 

New look, New Website, New App. 

If you are returning to our website you will be able to tell that it has changed a little. If you are new to Enferm Medical, firstly welcome to the family, and secondly, give us a call or pop in to say hello. 

Our new website is a direct reflection of our ambition and dedication to what we do. We wanted a website that fit the new decade with features that improved your experience as a candidate. One of these features is our online booking system. 

The Booking systems allows Candidates to book an appointment (either over the phone or in person) with one of our specialists. It is easy to use and requires no waiting time. Head over to it now to see how it works.  

Another new thing to be released in 2020 is the Enferm Medical App. The app, once released, will allow candidates to apply for jobs on the go. To get in touch with us and book appointments, all through the app. Keep an eye out for the new app (planned release February 2020).

Bigger Family. 

As mentioned previously, our family is getting bigger. With two new starters in the first month of 2020, we are excited to what lies ahead. 
Head over to our teams page to meet the entire team.

Not only that but we are also actively looking for new team members. If you are looking for your next career or first job. Whatever it may be. Enferm is openly hiring for the sales team. Find out what we offer by contacting us at info@enfermmedical.co.uk

Office Upgrade. 

With a bigger team comes a revamped office. We have spent the beginning of the month getting rid of the old layout and making the office space more productive with brand new desks in order to accommodate the bigger team. 

So overall, things are looking super positive for Enferm Medical in 2020. We are so excited for the year ahead and we hope you are too. For more information on what we do, what we offer then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.